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Currently, these are the transport of high-value consignments, the transport of electronics, industrial products with a special regime and the transport of medicines.

  • For transporting food in a temperature regime of -20C to + 25C, especially meat and vegetables.
  • Our team of regularly trained and educated drivers with long-term experience takes care of compliance with the correct transportation procedure in terms of safety and hygiene standards in the case of food.

Certification of the professional car carrier BRETH TRANS s.r.o.

In 2004, the company was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate and the IRU Academy Certificate as proof of the quality and growth of the company, both in terms of the professionalism of the services provided and in terms of equipment.


Tracking the shipment of the professional truck carrier BRETH TRANS s.r.o.

  • All vehicles are equipped with ECHOTRACK satellite tracking and communication equipment, through which the vehicles can be tracked online, ensuring continuous control over the vehicle, driver and cargo. Provides detailed information on position, speed, vehicle and driver activities. The device indicates a large number of indicators such as the temperature in the cargo area or the opening/closing of the trailer door. It also mediates communication through a terminal located in the tractor cab.
  • For customers who wish to track the location of their shipments (most often for high-value goods), there is an option to provide them with access data to track the location and movement of vehicles and cargo. Tracking is realized in a simple form through the interface of the Internet browser, including the possibility of a real view using Google Street View.


Primary – mechanical high quality

Semi-trailers are secured against intrusion into the cargo space by special "Spanish" locks of various types according to the type of door, which are placed on the door bars. We are currently equipping our semi-trailers with additional locks from the Dutch manufacturer SBS, so the mechanical security will be provided by a pair of highly durable security locks.

Secondary – electronic

The mechanical security of vehicles is complemented by electronic monitoring, within which the movement of the vehicle is monitored. In the event of unauthorized intrusion into the cargo space, the system alerts the dispatcher, which is made possible by sensors on the trailer doors. The safeguards mentioned above are especially important for the transport of high-value goods such as electronics, medicines and the like. Other possible elements of securing the vehicle or the course of the transport can of course be realized at the customer's request according to his ideas.


Insurance - Insurance contracts

  • The company BRETH TRANS s.r.o. has concluded insurance contracts with important insurance institutions in the Czech Republic, in particular with Česká pojišťovna a.s. and ČSOB pojišťovna a.s. This ensures all risks associated with the company's activities. In the field of insurance of transported cargo according to the CMR Convention, we have a standard agreed limit of insurance performance in the amount of CZK 10,000,000.
  • For shipments of very high value that require special insurance above the limit set by the CMR Convention, we arrange individual shipment insurance.
  • Other insurance contracts are also a matter of course, such as accident insurance for the complete fleet, as well as employee liability insurance and medical expenses insurance for drivers abroad.

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